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We design and develop apps and mobile solutions that create valuable user experiences, then your brand comes down in consumer pockets. We have several years of experience for your entry into the mobile market, responsive websites and the development and deployment of apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets and other leading mobile devices.

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What to choose?

Whether the goal of the app or the mobile website is to increase sales in your store, expand the user experience at a given place or make an extra service, it is crucial that you understand your target market . We are here to help you make a choice and provide a combination of our understanding of the mobile as a whole with our expertise in the development and user behavior to create a unique experience for your users.

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The difference between an app and a mobile website

A mobile website is not just a matter of resizing your existing website and implement it on a mobile platform, it is about knowing how users interact with mobile media. Users are always looking for information on the smartphone, buy products, etc. Basically, it is cheaper to develop a mobile website rather than app. There are several reasons for this.

  • A mobile (or responsive) website works on all smartphones, whereas an app has to be specially developed respectively for an iPhone, an Android phone or other mobile platforms.
  • On the other hand with an app using various phone functionalities, you can integrate deeper than just a mobile website. In this way it is also possible to give the user a more personalized experience, as apps integrates with other functions of the phone such as GPS, address, phone camera, etc.
  • A mobile website should not be approved by the AppStore or Android Market to be put into operation, whereas for an app, developing and launching can be a lengthy process.
Launching your app

We help you throughout the process when you need your app into the App store and Google Play which can be a lengthy and laborious process. We ensure an optimal user update across many platforms, and take on board all your systems in your app.

Marketing your app

Once we have developed your app, the work is not over yet, the app will be marketed so that your customers and users become aware of it. With our rare performance in this area and our experience in developing apps, we have excellent ideas on how you can get them right to the market.

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Exciting ideas force us to think in new ways. They are the ones that keep us awake at night and keep pushing us to develop a web, iOS or Android solutions beyond the ordinary. Do you have an idea or a plan that you would like to share with us? Please give us a call or send us an email. We are ready.