Growth is one of the biggest drivers when you run a shop. It is also the goal for us when we need to develop your Magento webshop. Our experience with e-commerce, design, usability and online marketing has given us the ability to produce a commercially focused Magento shop that converts visitors into sales.

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Why to choose magento?

Magento is an open source platform that is specifically designed for e-commerce and the development of online shops worldwide. Magento has a large number of standard functionalities which allow us to design, develop and implement cutting-edge online stores at affordable prices.

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A multi-region platform

To launch online shops in multiple locations can be a challenging process and you should carefully consider everything from translation of content for logistics and marketing. We can easily and quickly develop your Magento shop, and have it translated into several languages. Furthermore, we ensure management and integration with your backend systems, and you have the ability to control multiple domains at the same time.

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Integration and scalability

Magento is built around a strong infrastructure, and can seamlessly integrate with your payment gateway, ERP systems and inventory management systems. Magento is flexible and scalable, and can be resized as you wish. When your shop grows, so does your Magento solution.

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